Expect To Invest Energy In Kagawa?! Try Not To Miss The Well Known Sanuki Udon

Sanuki Udon

We as a whole may have been acquainted with one of Japan’s ordinary udon dishes. A thick white noodle wrapped with different sorts of sauce we can locate all over Japan one of them in the territory of the Shikoku prefecture of Kagawa. Kagawa has a tasty and well known udon dish called “Sanuki Udon”. This kind of udon is supported by numerous circles, other than acclaimed by local people are additionally renowned among voyagers or vacationers.

There are very nearly 700 udon cafés dissipated right now, a portion of the accompanying shops can be a suggestion to appreciate Sanuki Udon when you are in a Kujung to Shikoku:

Yamagoe Udon (Takinomiya)

Sanuki Udon
Sanuki Udon

The first of these is Yamagoe Udon, which offers one of its lead menus, Kamatama Udon. Kamatama udon itself is udon combined with crude egg and blended in with soy sauce or tsuyu (stock sauce) that is notwithstanding the dish.

In spite of the fact that the material above is normally utilized in the Udon menu all in all, however right now, fragrance created from the blend of materials will make you need to eat the UNON dishes promptly without the rest.

Yamagoe Udon has extensive open air space, so you can appreciate Udon dishes with various shades.

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Maintain a strategic distance from a visit to this café on Sundays since they are not open toward the week’s end. For access to this shop you simply need to take a taxi for around a little ways from Takomiya station.

Waraya (Yashima)

In the event that you need to appreciate the top class ramen you should visit Waraya Shop, right now serve udon produced using high grain. Notwithstanding the seasonings they use are specifically chosen and extraordinarily from an assortment of spots.

Here you will appreciate new dishes as they will just make the dish in the wake of getting a request from you.

The part of Udon served is sufficient for one individual, yet in the event that you visit with your family you can arrange an enormous segment of udon that is sufficient for four to five individuals.

Notwithstanding its rich dishes, the structure utilized for this shop is a private home that has existed since the Edo time frame. On the off chance that you are an authority of Japanese history and culture, this spot is the spot you should visit.

You can arrive at this shop by walking from Kotoden, Yashima station.

Udon Baka Ichidai (Kawara-machi)

Sanuki Udon
Sanuki Udon

In the event that you are confounded to discover breakfast toward the beginning of the day, this Udon Baka Ichidai Shop can be an answer. On the off chance that by and large, the Udon shop is open around near lunch breaks, however this is the main shop. Udon Baka Ichidai started to open from 6:00 a.m., this shop has the lead dish that ‘ Kama Butter Udon ‘ which has a taste like carbonara.

The eatery likewise serves dried or seared nourishment with numerous alternatives, for example, tempura and croquette. A large portion of the costs for these singed nourishments extend from 100 to 300 Yen.

To arrive at this shop you simply need a brief stroll from Kawaramachi station.

Goda Udon (Tohoyama)

Goda Udon is one of the famous udon shops among local people. One of their leader menu is “Kake Udon” with two decisions of Tsuyu, Iriko (which is made with little dried sardines) or katsuo (made with fish). Them two use stock that originates from fish.

To find a workable pace you simply need to stroll for a short ways from Toyohama station.